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Apologetics - Class 8 - The Sins of the Church

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Speaker: Brad Blair

Series: Apologetics


Giving an Account of our Faith: How Ought we to Answer the tough questions of curious seekers, hostile skeptics and Fellow Believers Alike? Week 8: The Sins of the Church Overview: 1 Peter 3:15 tells us to do three things: to revere Christ, to be prepared to give an account of the hope that we have i.e., our salvation and our belief in Christ, and to give that account with gentleness and respect. We live in a society that is increasingly skeptical of the value of religion, and Christianity comes in for an increasing share of abuse. Yet, our call to evangelize and to grow in our own faith remains unchanged. This eight-week bible class surveys some of the hardest questions and most often repeated objections to our faith, and it considers how we might answer them. It is meant for anyone who may be in a bible study with someone now asking these questions or for anyone who simply wishes to grow in their personal understanding of the Christian faith. Therefore, it is both a class in basic apologetics as well as a class aimed at spiritual development of believers. Each class session will consider a question or problem popular today, searching the scriptures for answers and considering how we might give a reasoned response to these questions. Objectives: Our aims are: To enable the evangelist to effectively answer today’s hard questions about our faith To enable the believer to grow in their faith by showing how our faith stands up to age old questions and problems. Note: there are eight weeks and six topics. Time has been built in to allow a second week on some particularly pressing issue. Also, topics may change. Changes will be announced.